You can’t fool Mother Nature?  Who wants to!  Integrating nature into the design of any space creates an organic, fuss-free, and inspired style.  Moreover, whether you’re aesthetic taste is modern, neoclassical, country, Asian, or eclectic, natural colors and elements like stone, wood, slate, clay, or grasses can be woven into any of these decor genres.

To arouse some ideas, I’d like to reference a wonderful article “Nature Inspired” from PC Design that suggests we take it room by room:

Living Room: colors from nature like ochres, mustard yellows, pale greens and blues are wonderful choices.  Wallpaper inspired by plants and florals can add graphics and texture and thus, a touch of the outside in to a large living space.  Accessorize with light- “airy” colors and patterns to bring a pleasing balance to the room.

Bedrooms: woods are a peaceful and warm element and can be utilized to anchor the room and blend with most any color naturally.

Ktichens: with all the stainless steel we’re seeing, bringing in natural elements like wood cabinetry, bamboo window treatments, lighting, color, and accessories (i.e. plants, stone gardens, woven baskets), balances and grounds this area of your home.

*Photo courtesy of PC Design

Dining Room: use this area as an extension of your kitchen and “marry” the two spaces with similar natural elements such as woods and glass, textures and colors.

Kids’ Room: here’s a great tip-keep it neutral.  To prevent the need to paint every few years, start off your young ones with natural/neutral colors that will grow with them (and thus creating a sustainable space).  Bedding, accessories, and artwork can be the changing “pops” of color that can evolve through your child’s  life, while wall colors, furniture and flooring can be the constant (and thus saving on the environment and your wallet).

Bathroom: If done naturally, a bathroom’s “bones” can last beyond your years.  Natural wood cabinets, stone flooring, and tile walls are smart ways to create long-term function and style.

*Photo courtesy of PC Design

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