Along with spring cleaning comes the “freshening up” of furniture like chairs, tables, and dressers.  Painting is a fast and easy way to get the job done, and spray painting can speed your transformation even still. With a steady hand you can create a professional look in just minutes.

The only caveat that comes with spray painting projects is a weary index digit, uneven coverage,  and the dreaded “spray-paint finger” (see below).

No more, my friends.  While watching a recent episode of “Color Splash,” I was delighted to discover a gadget which eliminates the annoyances mentioned above. The show’s paint and color expert Danielle Hirsch demonstrates the use of the spray handle as she cheerfully rejuvenates a homeowner’s chair for the make-over.  “Just snap it on to the top of the can and pull the trigger.”  Excellent…thanks for the quick-tip Danielle.

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