What’s the easiest way to give your cabinet doors and drawers an instant face lift?  Change out their knobs and pulls.  It’s amazing how you can update those kitchen and bathroom drawers (even bedroom dressers) by simply replacing the hardware.  With the help of, here’s how to do this in three easy steps:

1. Remove old hardware by loosening and removing screws on the inside of the door.

2. To change the position of the new hardware, use a template (found at most hardware stores) that can guide you in lining up proper holes at the sides and bottom of each door, then mark and drill holes mindfully.

3. Fill old holes with wood putty, paint, then attach new handles or pulls with appropriate screws.

*Quicker-Tip: If you find new hardware that doesn’t require drilling new holes, simply change out the old with the new.  This cabinet update could take minutes and make a world of difference.  Nice.

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