I read this fantastic article on creative ways to turn regular side tables from predictable to fantastically expressive. So often we decorate a room, then let it be for months, if not years, not altering or adding to, quite possibly for lack of a design muse.  Additionally, the reason our rooms go stale might often be financially based, despite our inner artistic desire for change. What I like most about this piece is that it requires virtually no expense, just imagination.  I’m confident these examples of side table substitutes will inspire you to develop your own decor voice, to speak to your personal aesthetic, and express your personal style through touches of whimsy and creativity.

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Be creative with your side tables

shelf as bedside table bhgYou don’t actually need a table to get the function of a side table.

There are so many other furnishings or objects you can use as a place to set a drink or keep the alarm clock – and some won’t cost you a cent because they’re already around the house!

I love the way the owner of this pretty, cottage-style bedroom (photo from Better Homes & Gardens) dispensed with tables all together and mounted a shelf next to the bed. It provides space for a clock and more and the baskets underneath add even more function.

In the photo below from, a wooden stool flanks a gorgeous sofa. It’s a great spot for this colorful, glass lamp.

stool as side table MyHomeIdeas

Or how about the photo below, also from BHG. The owner actually mounted a pair of drums to serve as bedside tables. Now that’s creative!

druns as bedside table bhg

OK. I admit it. Most people don’t have drums sitting around. But I’ll bet you’ve got a spare chair – or you can pick one up at the thrift store. Again, there’s plenty of space for a clock and a lamp and you can hang your robe on the back.

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