By now, most of us have rallied and completed the dreaded “end-of-the-holidays” packing up of decorations, bidding a reluctant “until-next-year” farewell to the season. If you’re anything like me, this time of year can be a bit melancholy and anti-climactic. Why? Because along with no more trimmings and trinkets, those strings of lights have gone as well, ya know? Where’s the sparkle?

No worries, my friends…here are some clever and delightful ways to keep the twinkle of the season twinkling all year long! Whether it’s just a decorative touch or a permanent installation, those winter white lights will keep the magic in your home long after the snow has melted. It’s just…so delightful!

Why store away, when you can store lights in a jar? Keep these in your kitchen, work space, or even your bathroom. Photo:

Light up your nights with strings of lights in your back yard. They serve dual purpose by adding a special yet useful glow on those moonless nights. Photo:

Sleep under the stars, with these twinklers…oh, so romantic. Photo:

Give yourself the star treatment by framing your framed mirror with these white lights. They give you a lovely glow as well. Photo:

Birds should fly free…catch a star, or several instead. Photo:

A fun and useful way to keep your hurricane candle holders lit: fill them with strands of white lights and place on mantles or tables to bring warmth to a chilly evening. Photo:

For a more permanent installation, insert several strings of white lights behind sheer fabric for a delightfully unique headboard. Photo:

Thumbnail photo:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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