How often have you wanted to change the color of a room, buy new furniture, or had the itch to swap out some throw pillows but didn’t know where to start color-wise? Well, there’s a website that’ll not only have you looking like a professional designer, you’ll maybe even forget about spending so much time on Pinterest. Why? Cuz it’s soooo fun! It’s called Design Seeds, for all who love color. Here’s how it works:

#1. Search by color value: using the basic RGB values, you can move the Red, Green, or Blue sliders to change the color “swatch” to any hue you wish! Then, simply click “Go get it!” and this is what you might find…

Autumn Ceramics.

You’ll see several palette choices and themes, but wait…there’s more!

#2. Search by theme: if you’re feeling more of a thematic pull for inspiration, try looking up colors by seasons, foods, florals, etc. Here, we chose “Edible” and this is what appeared:

Decadent Pastels.

Carrot colors.

Sugared hues.

All very different color schemes, but all based on food! It’s just so wonderful to have this type of creative hint, especially when we’re able to tap into things that already aesthetically and emotionally appeal to us.

#3. Suggested color palette: like design magic, your color palette is complete! You can now download and print it; “custom-made” paint chips that are ready to be scanned and formulated into paint. They can also be used to select fabrics and/or an easy-breezy way to pick out furniture and accessories. Note: if you’d like the HEX code for any of the colors, see Design Seed’s blog “what’s that color?

#4. See similar colors: so, now that we’ve got 5-6 colors that work together, maybe it’s not exactly what we’re feel’n. No worries! If you click on the individual color swatches, you’ll be presented with more themes, color options and combinations like these:

Sliced hues.

Desert bloom.

Color Village.

As you can see, the ideas and choices are endless, but what’s reassuring to those of you decision-challenged DIYers, is that whatever scheme you go with, these swatches are designed to be fail-proof! Just thank designer and founder of Design Seeds, Jessica Colaluca, who as a young girl was drawn to color (melting crayolas into hue sculptures, using markers as action figures). This passion has now sprouted into a fantastic online color-inspiring flower!

All images courtesy of Design Seeds.

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