Chalky pastels. Photo taken from a page in Better Homes and Garden, April 2012

Grey is not often a color that comes to mind when we think of pastels, but as we take a look at today’s chalky hues, we see just how nicely they play together. Adding just a hint of slate to these typically soft and kiddie-type colors, we now notice how they appear much more muted and sophisticated. From wall colors to fabrics and furniture pieces, these now grown-up pastels will bring a newness and freshness to just about any room in your home.

Mild Mint dining room. Source:

Mild mint dining room: the zen of this calming color is perfect for nights of conversation and good company.

Chalky pastel bedroom. Source:

Chalky pastel bedroom: with the use of 5 different shimmering hues of pastels, this bedroom ups its sophistication factor that many times.

Chalky pastel kitchen. Source:

Chalky pastel kitchen: a mixture of bright and muted pastels brings a vibrant and happy energy to this space.

Chalky pastel garden chairs. Source:

Chalky pastel garden chairs: there’s something sweet and soft that happens when you mix nature and pastels like the colors of these wooden folding chairs.

Chalky pastel work space. Source:

Chalky pastel work space: this hipster-friendly work space is unique and quite unexpected…a perfect combination for inspiration to emerge.

Mellow yellow bathroom. Source:

Mellow yellow bathroom: the sunshine will feel right at home in this glamorous and calming wash room.

DIY design tip: use the color codes seen in the first image, or simply add a touch of grey to your favorite pastel colors.

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