Two weeks ago, I had “antiquing itchy feet”, so I jumped online to search out some local shops. In actuality, I typed in architectural salvage, as I’m a bit more partial to items like classic finials, corbels, mantels, and the like, so that’s how I learned of Big Daddy’s Antiques. Along with the fabulous steampunk inspired lighting (j’adore!), I realized, because of the masterful insight of Big Daddy’s stylist, that I could learn a thing or two just by perusing around to all the different displays of these prolific period pieces. Roaming room to room, ideas were filling my head, a design blogger’s dream board come to life. So, with that, here are five stand-out discoveries that I hope inspire you on your next antique shopping trip.

#1. Discover how to create fabulous vignettes…


Who knew a pair of gold wings could look so good in a home space? Place them alongside strong pieces with character and you’re good to go.

Iron dog vignette.

Arrange same and/or like items together in twos or threes and they instantly become a tastefully displayed collection.

Wall vignettes.

There’s no need to fill every space, allow the items room to show off their character…again, displaying similar types together is a great design trick.

#2. Discover expensive-looking reuse and repurpose ideas…

Talk about a conversation piece!

Repurposed wood box shelving.

Everyday items like these vintage wood boxes, are reused into a fabulously character and treasure filled wall.



Be inspired by the quirkiest things…high design shouldn’t be without a sense of humor.

3. Discover items you never thought you liked…

Not until I started seeing these vintage cages set alongside beautiful furniture and staged as art, did I totally fall in love with them…now, I’ve gotta have one!

I don’t usually fall for things leaning towards ornate, but, this round beauty hung against the reclaimed wood made it read more “Anthropologie-esque” to me…worldly, yet approachable. Yum.

#4. Discover how refurbishing the old can look so new…

Vintage gas cans polished to a shine are quite reminiscent and beautiful alone or within a vignette of like-era items.

It’s hard to know if this magnificent metal piece was preserved in its original form or rehabbed into a mod, so-now piece. Either way…it’s a gorgeous, expensive-looking wanna-have.

#5. Discover the beauty of whimsical display…










Starburst light.











Clearly, when shops wish to sell, they look to the dramatic when displaying their merchandise. Why not take note and try this in our own homes? The starburst mirror shining over the rustic stone planters and numbers strewn about is just cool and funky.

Horse head.

Boldness is so interesting…gotta give it a try in my home!

Old wood door and metal chair.

Whimsy and a “go for it” approach to even our outdoor spaces adds an energy that’s fun and confident. This old door and chair are just waiting to be taken home to sit inside a garden, terrace, or under the trees, ready to impress.

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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