Tiffany & Co Diamond Dispenser

Tiffany & Co Diamond Dispenser.

Imagine your little fashionista, proudly showing off to friends her very own diamond machine! This princess-perfect repurpose project is sure to promote you from mom to “Mom of the Year” or auntie to fairy godmother status! I absolutely loved this vintage gumball machine when it recently showed up for a mere $40 in our Riverside Habitat ReStore, but its original schoolhouse red paint just didn’t jell with my decorating palette.  I had been searching for accent pieces to paint “Tiffany Box” blue, and while I was browsing a local craft store, I also noticed that those acrylic decorative diamonds are the same size as gumballs. Inspiration dawned…I could create something sparkly, girly, and happy! The result ended in this repurposed gumball machine turned Tiffany & Company diamond dispenser. Fierce.

Gumball Machine Before

Gumball machine, before.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Gumball supplies

Gumball supplies.

  • Gumball machine
  • Primer spray paint for metal in white
  • Gloss spray paint for metal in black
  • Clear finish spray gloss for metal
  • Paint sample color-matched to a Tiffany’s Box (see Home Depot label below for recipe)
  • Paint sprayer or brushes
  • Painters tape
  • Steel wool or sandpaper for metal
  • TSP (trisodium phosphate) cleaner
  • Screwdriver
  • Clear florist crystals
  • Plastic gemstones

Here’s what you do:

1. Disassemble the gumball machine.  Take photos of how it came apart so that you can easily reassemble it in a few days.

2. Tape off faceplate. I liked the antiqued silver look of the faceplate so I taped it off rather than removing it to repaint.  Set aside the hardware, internal mechanism and glass globe.

Gumball faceplate

Gumball faceplate.

3. Roughen the surface. Use steel wool to rough the surface for optimal primer adherence.

4. Mix TSP cleaning solution. Follow directions to properly mix TSP cleaning solution.

5. Wash and rinse all pieces that will be painted.  Allow to dry completely before painting.

6. Apply primer.  Paint or spray on 2-3 coats of primer to every surface you have prepared. Note: Most spray paints instruct you to prime, paint and finish within two hours or allow the layers to cure for 48 hours before adding more – so be prepared to work quickly.   

Gumball machine primed

Gumball machine primed.

7. Spray base and feet with black gloss.

Base & Feet Painted Gloss Black

Base & feet painted gloss black.

According to an article in House Beautiful the spectrophotometers in use at Home Depot gives you the truest Tiffany blue results.  I agree, the color is gorgeous!

Tiffany Colored Paint Home Depot Label

Home Depot’s color match recipe for a “Tiffany’s Box”.

8. Paint the gumball machine and lid/cover “Tiffany Blue”.

Spray painting base.

Spray painting the base.

9. Spray gloss finish all painted pieces. Spray or hand paint gumball dispenser pieces with clear gloss finish and allow to dry for 48 hours.

10. Reassemble the gumball machine. Replace the internal mechanics and glass globe, leave the lid off.

11. CAREFULLY place ‘diamonds’ into the globe and arrange to your liking. You may choose to fill the entire globe with ‘diamonds’.  I tied a bow to the top of the center pole instead.

12. Replace lid and secure machine to base and feet.

Diamond & gemstone filled globe

Diamond & gemstone filled globe.

Gumball machine after

Gumball machine after.

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