While some heaters, like fireplace heaters, are known to create a warm, cozy atmosphere and can even be the central feature of a room, when it comes to other types like baseboard heaters and radiator heaters, the very thought of working them into a room’s décor can often cause us to shudder.  If you’re suffering from wall and baseboard heater blues, here are some of my favorite ways to dress up and class up those typically unsightly heaters and make them either fit in, blend in or stand out, and in such a way that’s ever so eye-appealing!

Heater be Gone!


One of the easiest ways to make a baseboard or radiator heater “go away” is to paint it the same color as your wall color, which theoretically makes it blend in and “disappear.”  This is particularly useful for old styles that you really don’t want to draw any attention to.

Play it Up!


Photo: Ellen Lupton, Flickr

If you happen to have a baseboard or radiator heater that has a look you enjoy, whether it’s antique or modern or somewhere in between, one fun way to tie the piece into your room is to paint it the accent color of your room’s décor.  This is typically a bold color that you have splashed about the room and incorporating it into something as permanent as your heater can make that color more grounded, as opposed to simply an afterthought on the couch pillows.  Love this idea!

Cover it Up?


You’re not alone if your heart’s desire is just to cover up an old heater.  You can do a DIY project if you’re handy and crafty, like the wood example below, or you can purchase pre-made baseboard covers in anything from aluminum to wood.  These are available in about every style and color, so have some fun with it!

Build it Up!


Finally, if you have a radiator heater specifically, one fun option is to build it up. You can turn it into a radiator cover seat or even build a small storage box around it.  Note that you will likely lose approximately 30% of your heat by covering it up, but if you don’t use it frequently, this shouldn’t matter.

Freelancer Jocelyn Anne loves a good DIY project and has recently become a big fan of working with vintage electric baseboard heaters and updating them into modern, classic looks.

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