Remember the days when luggage had to be (eh, hem) lugged around? Now a days, most of us travel with sleek, light-weight bags that glide along on sturdy skateboard wheels to speed us on our way. What to do with all those non-rolling vintage pieces? Why, repurpose them into nostalgic, stylish furniture! Whether stacked, stuffed, or hung, you’ll end up with a whole lot of charm and character that’ll pack a professional decorator’s punch. Bon voyage!

{Entryway Stacked Table}: Different hues and luggage sizes add warmth and welcome to an entryway. Photo:

{Stuffed Chair}: thick, cushy foam inserts covered with appropo vintage map fabric turns this old bag into something new and fabulously functional. Photo:

{Side Table}: at just $15 per suitcase, this charming side table is quite affordable and oh so inviting for visiting guests. Photo:

{Medicine Cabinet}: with the feel of a really large dopp kit, this vintage case turned cabinet will make it very hard for guests to resist peaking in to. Photos: lovenostalgicwhimsy, Esty.

Thumbnail photo: awelltraveledwoman, tumblr

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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