Just try saying “seaside stylish” five times fast…yeah, a bit difficult, but boy does this describe today’s “Design Candy”. Out shopping this past weekend, I stumbled onto these “fantabulous” (it’s a word!) sea-inspired decor finds in the very sweet design store, Weego Home owned by designer Asher Richter. Upon entering, my husband darted for the first available, and might I add, oh, so gorgeous sofa, to patiently wait with iPhone in hand as I snooped around. Fortunately for him, the sofa was also unbelievably comfortable!

Weaving my way around the shop, I noticed mostly how the staging of the accessories and furniture came off so natural and mod. When it comes to beachy decor, a style that can potentially turn beach kitsch, (you know, that too “themey” and corny look with the over-displayed pointing hand sign that reads “to the beach”, and sea shells and coral strewn about as if the ocean just thew up all over a person’s living room), it’s a virtual surf-board-balancing act when it comes to staying out of those shark-infested design waters. So, after eying the many beautiful and graphic illustrations of sea life, I was compelled to snap off a few of my favorite pieces. Here then, are some accessory morsels I, myself would love to plop into our beach bungalow. “She sells she shells…darn.”

{Octopus Throw & Pillow}

{Decorative Whale Plates}

{A mod whale of a vase}

{Sophisticated Nautilus Pillow}

{Graphic Nautilus Rug}

{Artichoke/Sea-inspired-like Plant Lamp}

Design-tip: to avoid the “kitsch”, sprinkle ocean/sea-inspired accessories with other styles for a layered and natural look.

All pieces available at:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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