If you haven’t heard any good “Knock, Knock!” knee-slappers lately, how about a peek at some yummy door knobs that’ll hopefully inspire a new appreciation for these home “hand-shakers”. From the classic tinted glass knobs to the weather-worn but beautiful handles, these entryway jewels are more than door bling, they’re a clue to the history and character of any structure. On the other hand, a new or different door knob is a simple and spectacular way to update a home’s first impression. So, the next time you cross a threshold, take a second to appreciate what’s literally in the palm of your hand; it could be something quite unique…and that’s no joke!

{Purple Glass}

{Rustic Heart}

{Old Miner’s Town Knob}

{Brass Crane}

{Alice In Wonderland handle}

{Industrial Door Art}

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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