February is the month of love, and what a fantastic thing to celebrate. Whether it’s in the form of a box of chocolates, flowers, a well-written love note, or a simple kiss ‘n cuddle, we all could use a good dose of love. If you’re into expressing yourself in a more home decorative way, try some of these ideas in today’s “Design Candy”. I know you’ll just heart them!

{I heart wall art}: made from sheet music cut-outs. Source:

{I heart rose petals on beds}: what’s more romantic than an aromatic heart to welcome you to bed. Source:

{I heart planters}: make celebrating love more permanent with these succulant hearts. Source:

{I heart polaroids}: vintage is made modern and heart-felt both in sentiment and design. Source:

{I heart chairs}: this fab rehab is all about the DIY love! How-to/photo source:

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