As a youngster, I was always hearing about “wall to wall” carpeting. Curiously, with my child’s wondrous imagination, I pictured houses having walls with carpet on them…”Hmm…that’s strange.” I suppose if someone mentioned “floor to ceiling” windows, well…you know where I’m going. Alas, I have learned the truth behind this interior design jargon and have chosen to showcase the latter, illustrating how we can add decor pizazz to any wall to wall.

F to C drapes & windows are elegant and demanding…in a good way. Photo: watkinsclaire, flickr

F to C cupboards allow for ample storage and an impressive look. Photo:

F to C bookcase can be arranged by color for a greater impact and easy book return. Photo:

F to C sign points out its artistic and architectural qualities. Photo: via

F to C shelving showcases dishware and storage baskets with spectacular ease. Photo:

F to C gallery wall can replace paint, wallpaper, and, er…art. Ironic, isn’t it? Photo:

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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