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It’s funny how one day you look at something as useless trash, the next, it’s an opportunity for an amazing design element. Most recently, bottle caps appeared guilty and fabulous as charged, perfect morsels of round tin tiles bubbling with colorful personality.

Today’s “Design Candy” is really a mini wish board for me, future DIY projects you’ll most definitely see in an upcoming blog. I’m fortunately armed with the proper “bottle bunnies” collector: the Cap Catcher, so in no time I’ll have enough caps to begin my first tiny tile tiling job. Meanwhile, I’ll be sure to tell my husband Matt and his hockey buddies to have as many “Heinies” as they wish…just be sure not to flip ’em underneath the sofa where they’re hard to reach.

Bottle cap backsplash. Source: via

{Bottle cap backsplash}: the use of vintage pop is what makes this not only fun, colorful, and whimsical…it’s kid friendly, too.

Bottle caps floor. Source: via by Miro Dvorscak,

{Bottle caps floor}: here, bottles were sorted by color and laid as a mosaic…yum.

Bottle caps bathroom. Source:

{Bottle caps bathroom}: primary colored caps cover and create a feature wall, spilling out over the floor.

Bottle cap chandelier. Source:

{Bottle cap chandelier}: turn something old and unimaginative into something bold and funky.

Bottle cap tray. Source:

{Bottle cap tray}: painted with mod colors, these caps are customized to serve guests with DIY style.

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