It’s more of a feel-thing, and it’s more than being a hippie with eclectic taste. It’s actually quite personal and can be expressed by anyone who gives in to at least a certain amount of abandon and inner rhapsody. What am I talking about? Bohemian-style design, a free-flowing, no-going-by-any-rules approach to decorating. The following examples illustrate how, when you allow yourself to let go of order, and with the infusion of varying patterns and textures, bold against soft colors, and an array of precious and not-so-precious collectables, the true “Boho” in you (even for the very contemporary or conservative) can be translated into a relaxing and sophisticated space.

Bohemian chic. Source:

{Boho Chic}: starting with the patterned area rug, then on to the ornate gold mirror, hot pink ottoman, and African-styled statue, the eye wants to take its time to learn and explore this one-of-its-kind room.

Bohemian vintage. Source:

{Boho vintage}: a 70s era typewriter and the mixture of primary colors against the earth tones of the armchair and cherry wood desk give this room a vibe that’s fun and humorously comfortable…especially the fake daisy tree.

Bohemian worldly. Source:

{Boho worldly}: raised upon a platform and veiled with mosquito netting, there’s a definite traveler’s influence on the styling of this bedroom…the neatly stowed suitcases underneath clinch it.

Bohemian mod. Source:

{Boho mod}: the updated and more-of-the-present-times feel of this space is anchored by the eclectically patterned rug, bold orange sofa, and Eames-esque recliner and works perfectly together with the quietly grey walls and off-white crown molding.

Boho Moroccan. Source: Liesa Cole via

{Boho Moroccan}: the easy-breezy feeling is quite evident as we see how the white sheers play against the cool color scheme of blues and warm earth tones. We’re also taken half-way around the world with easily placed cacti surrounded by natural bamboo, clay, and terracotta accessories. This outdoor room has an atmosphere fitting for guitar-playing, hanging out and enjoying a glass of wine and talking for hours.

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