Cool and Breezy Backyard Cabanas

Design Inspiration

If you’ve ever been fortunate to spend time in a cabana on the beach, then you’ve definitely lived a moment in luxury. Whether made of palm fronds or branches, wrapped in sheer or silky fabrics, open on all sides or just one, there is something so extravagant about these open-air shelters. Now, what if we were able to create this kind of yumminess at home? The following ideas might just inspire the home decorator, designer, or even DIYer in you to bring a little beach lux into your own backyard.

Pink sherbet cabana

Pink sherbet cabana. source:

Viny cabana

Viny cabana. source:

Daybed cabana

Daybed cabana. source: E. Spencer Toy,

Tented cabana

Tented cabana. source:

Colorful cabana

Colorful cabana. source:

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Written By Skaie Knox

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