As a child of the 70’s (eh, hem…), gold was found everywhere…and I mean ev-er-y-where! Gold chains, earrings, shoes, gold lame pants (pun, seriously not intended), gold speckled cars, motorcycle helmets, refrigerators (believe me, I’ve got pictures of my mom’s old kitchen!), and on and on. Needless to say, after arousing from a decade-long “gold coma”, we eventually tired of this tinted trend and moved on (most all but “The Donald”).

Now, as all things do, we’ve come full-circle. Gold is gently, and very thoughtfully being reintroduced into society and pop culture (Lady Gaga, aside) with a modern and tasteful subtlety even I can imagine placing in my home. Again, the key to successfully using gold in our homes is: tasteful subtlety. Tones of gold are shown below in pops, accents, combinations, textures, and architectural lines, and are definitely more sophisticated than the disco era…though, there’s nothing saying we can’t throw in a little “Saturday Night Fever” fun here and there. Gold in the 21st century? Heavy, man.

Porcelain Goldfinches: Sweet accessories are simple and inexpensive ways to give that tiny pop of color. Photo:

Gold and Blue Dust Chair: Place a special piece like this beauty in your home and add a subtle flair of style. Photo:

Menu Board: For a non-permanent nod to this year’s trend, display something like this for an impressive show of mod knowledge. Photo: Mustard Seed Interiors,

Pink & Gold Bedding: Guest rooms are perfect spaces to “go daring” with new colors and combinations. Photo:

Kitchen Accessories: Utensil holders, cookie jars, and cups are golden accents to a neutral palet and can be easily switched out when desired. Photo:

Vintage Side Table: A small piece of gold is quite elegant, especially when its story is from ages past. Photo:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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