These days, as I look out my writing room window, there are the most wonderful little birds nibbling away at the seed-filled feeder I installed just a few weeks ago. This one type of bird, in particular, is adorned with red-orange feathers on its chest, surrounded by an almost wood grain of dark and light browns…reminds me of a beautiful old pine wood desk with a simple flower-filled glass vase atop it. Mother Nature is one of the best muses for home decor, her beauty, quite literally, renewing itself daily.

If you wish to freshen up your home this season, try a new color on your living room/kitchen/bedroom walls, change up your bed covers, or toss in some new pillows here and there. Then, look outside for inspiration as to the palette; it’s as simple as wandering around your back or front yards, taking a walk through your neighborhood, or even perusing through sites like Nature’s Best Photography Magazine. The key is to allow the season’s natural surroundings to surround you and your home. Somehow, using this technique when decorating, (and probably with a bit of God’s expertise!), the results always seem to work. With that, and to celebrate the rebirth of spring, we look to “Mom’s” plants and flowers in today’s “Color Inspiration”, and how the most vibrant of hues can be reflected in our home’s furniture, accessories, and even appliances. Bloom on!

Succulents and chair. Source: via

Succulents: with so many of us DIYing everything, even the kitchen sink, it’s comforting to know we can simply look to the outdoors to find inspiration. This succulent plant is the perfect tint of green to create this vintage, “aged” wooden seater, and it doubles as a decorative and ornamental pop of color for a special party or event.

If you’d like to infuse a touch of succulents in your home, print and use this color palette:

Spring Flowers. Source: lambertwm, flickr

Bring this field of flowers…

Pink fridge and spring space. Source:

…into your kitchen!

Spring flowers: it’s amazing the vastness and boldness of colors in nature. They are quite brave amongst all the blues and greens that seem to dominate the earth. Still, when it comes to design and decor, and when we give ourselves permission to “go for it”, there’s a surprising joy and even an “I-can’t-believe-I-just-skied-down-that-double-black-diamond-run-and-lived!” kind of exhilaration that we find ourselves experiencing. I know I have…my home office redo was painted quite boldly. I definitely lost some sleep the night before, but, boy was it worth it! Inspiration and creativity fills every nook and cranny of this space. I’m writing to you now from this very room!

So, if ya wanna be bold, try out this fun color palette:

Texas blue bonnets. Source:

Driving through the countryside, magnificence abounds…

Purple tinted glass bottles. Source: via

…and can result in something lovely like this.

Countryside fields: when it comes to interpreting nature, it’s not always literal. Here, these subtle and oh-so-lovely purple tinted bottles give a gentle nod to the blue bonnets above. The distressed light-green cabinet displays these glass accessories with respect and in perfect harmony…just like the various and vast blooms of spring.

Bring this delicate palette into your space:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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