For the many of us who love nature, we can sometimes feel a bit down in the winter months when the trees are bare. However, through interior decor, we can have access to the outdoors all year ’round. Here are some easy ways you can bring a bit of flora and fauna and all their wonderful colors and textures into your home.

Get Literal

More and more, people are finding ways to bring garden life to rather out of the ordinary places. Patrick Blanc has created gorgeous green walls that cascade like waterfalls onto the outside of homes around the world (pictured above), and the green ottoman featured in a previous DiggersList post, brings a plot of grass into the home. While these are rather extreme ways to integrate greenery into design, they may inspire you to convert that area in front of your kitchen sink into a little, indoor flowerbed, or by installing Italian-inspired plant-holders onto your windowsills.

Let Wrought Iron Do the Work For You

Because artisans often create nature-inspired designs using wrought iron, like this hanging chandelier with the beautiful shape and lines of tree branches and viny vines, you can introduce “earthy” touches into your home through furnishings and finishes such as winding bed frames, tables, swirling lamps, and bathroom vanities.

Nature in Fabric

Find nature or natural scenes in tapestry or fabric. This baroque footstool dons a squirrel that somehow blends with the rest of the design, remaining wonderfully inconspicuous.

All in all, it’s a cinch to place a bit of “Mother Nature” into your home. By integrating plant-life, naturally shaped materials, and fabrics with what’s-out-your-window patterns and colors, you’ll be sure to bring the outside in. No fool’n.
Lisa is a guest blogger, interior designer, and art historian from Texas. When she’s not writing or designing, she loves to browse the real estate scene, focusing primarily on Austin homes for sale. All photos: Charlotte Mark, Blog Content Guild.

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