When I first picked up Robyn Griggs Lawrence’s newest book, Simply Imperfect: Revisiting the Wabi-Sabi House, a study of the Japanese art of living called “wabi-sabi”, I was quite intrigued, as I’d never before experienced nor been exposed to this design style or philosophy. But while lounging in the gentle afternoon sunlight, underneath a warm afghan throw, with sofa pillows and my dog, Klunkers snuggled up against me, I began to read…and then slowly began to understand.

Simply Imperfect is a meditation, a path to be walked upon slowly, a breath to be inhaled and exhaled consciously. The ancient Japanese philosophy “wabi-sabi” (wabi-harmony, peace, tranquility and balance, sabi-the bloom of time), is used as a design point of view and, more importantly, a way of being in the world, returning us to the simplicity and beauty of home-made, home-grown, naturally inspired, and all that the cyber-world of virtual and superficial realities has seemingly forgotten. The author delves deeply into how Zen Buddhism is the jumping-off point of wabi-sabi, gracefully and successfully educating us on its history and evolution, then ultimately illustrating to us how through nature, this design and life philosophy has been present all along.

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Wabi flowers are arranged without pretense. Photo: Simply Imperfect

Simple, slow, uncluttered, flea market, worn wood, cracks, weathered, lovingly used. The photos below depict how we can integrate into our spaces these words that define the use of “wabi-sabi” design, revealing the essence and beauty of simplicity and intended imperfection.

Worn and exposed brick. Photo:

Flea market finds, unplanned. Photo:

Natural materials, naturally worn. Photo:

Wabi-sabi inspired. Photo:

Wabi-sabi is the breeze through a screen door, the patina of a copper roof, the smoothing and grooving of an old wooden table. It is life unfolding without the need to change or correct it…it’s simply, and wonderfully, imperfect.

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