There’s something very appealing about people who are curious about life. I find, like a passionate chef, they bring a “spice of life” to the table that’s always fun to experience. Our “Blogs We Dig” pick this week is called Curiously Colorful, and happily, it lives up to its name. Writer and furniture “rehabber” Chloe Chinn tells us, “I began blogging pretty much as a way to keep record of all the things and experiences I love…Curiously Colorful is kind of a visual journal for me.” Luckily, she’s given us the key to her design diary, so let’s take a peek.

Three things we DIG:

1. Her “Color of the Week”…

series, that includes food and fashion, is just so inspiring and beautiful to look at…I wish I could gather all the items in this feature and bring them home with me. Side note: I learn so much from our “Blogs We Dig”…here’s another idea I’ll have to “borrow” from time to time.

2. Handmade picks…

like this beautiful (and retro-cool) table, are made from hand-crafters some of us have never met. Chloe’s personal hands-on experience and expertise gives us a unique perspective on what it takes to achieve such works of art.

3. Her take on inspirational designers…

is a funny and helpful look at how we might infuse some high-end decor and “get this look” through alternatively effective, less expensive means (hint…hint…DiggersList!).

Extra DIG: Her rehabbed chairs are FAB-OH! Just take a look in Rubbish Rehab.

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All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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