Fraternities, country clubs, knights of the king’s army…this was my first impression from the crest logo of today’s “Blogs We Dig”: Charles & Hudson. Along with its topics insignias, there is a kind of authority that entices me to want to continue reading, clicking, then on to reading some more. Throw in a few “ah, interestings”, a couple “I never knew thats” and a resounding “Cool!” and you’ve got yourself a blog we totally dig and one that’ll surely be of use to you when it comes to many of your home improvement-related “need-to-knows”.

Three things we DIG:

1. Practical, useful information…

like how to clean and care for your tools, safety considerations with products to help you look cool doing so, and reviews on tools and why you might or might not need to use them.

Tips on how to clean and care for your tools. Photo:

2. What not to do…

especially when it comes to painting your house and potentially spending all kinds of money on “mustard-yellow”. Of course, there’s a plethora of great tips and what-to-dos to help you with your next home improvement endeavor.

Mustard yellow…not the greatest idea. Photo:

3. How to repurpose your trash…

into wonderful and delightful new treasures like a rain gutter turned garden planter. There’s also many greening ideas and tips to keep Mother Nature smiling.

An old rain gutter is now a new garden planter. Photo:

If you know of any groovy home improvement blogs, let us know by commenting below or posting it on our DiggersList Facebook page. Thank you!

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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