Growing up, I often asked my mom to take me shopping at the mall in hopes of buying me the latest in “what-all-the-kids-are-wearing”. Unfortunately, because of her often-the-case thin billfold, we’d end up window shopping, this “poor-girl’s” perusing purgatory. Funny thing is, as I’ve grown older, I’m now the one relegating myself to “garment gazing”. Finding myself with a similarly light purse, and while working hard as a songwriter/blogger, I’ve come to realize my happiness in what I do everyday suits me as well as, well…a suit.

Now, in the world of home decor and design, window shopping, ironically, is what I do everyday. I surf the web for all kinds of treasures, like these “from this, to that” furniture items that were recently old and tired, destined for a short future. Not in the hands of these crafty designers and DIYers.  Thoughtfully refurbished, these “afters” are what so many of us are after…fresh, upcycled, and posh. Step closer and take a look now…but, careful not to smudge the windows.

From crates to potting table…sweet. Source:

From dull to dazzling night stand…kiderificerific. Source:

From grandma to grand slam glamourous chair. Source:

From curbside to kitchen chic cart. Source:

From plain to fabulously colorful kid’s desk. Source:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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