Ah, yes! The genius behind a great idea is one that often leaves us saying, “But, that’s so simple!” That, my friends, is what they call “K.I.S.S.”, which is what you’ll surely want to do to me after learning about these easy-to-try tricks for chores and fixes around the house.

Rubber band stripped screw removal

Rubber band stripped screw removal. source:

Talk about a solution to an often frustrating problem! Who knew a simple tool such as a rubber band could have saved us all from the hundreds of stripped Phillips screws. Snap!

Pencil eraser picture frame protector

Pencil eraser picture frame protector. source:

Though this trick might present another challenge of finding a pencil with an eraser, that’s easy enough to solve buy purchasing those pop on ones. The added hassle might just be worth it when these original rubber heads work so well as picture frame bumpers. At the very least, this could solve having to wipe down, or even worse, repaint the walls every so often. Update: since this post, it’s so easy to find clear adhesive bumpers that can work on all kinds of surfaces…including picture frames!

Slip proof your rugs

Slip proof your rugs. source:

Arcylic-latex caulk is, by nature, a grippy-type substance. So, when applied, then dried onto the back of a rug, it works perfectly as a non-slip solution.

Laundry jar pocket finds

Laundry jar pocket finds. source:

We at HomeJelly love this idea, especially since it’s both revealing and fun. This “pocket finds” mason jar that coyly displays its contents upon the laundry room shelf is also a clever way to keep stuff and money collected. On another note, it illustrates what might have been washed and possibly ruined had the owner simply put their items away. Maybe, then, it should read, “The person who does laundry finds”!

Paper towel dispenser ribbon organizer

Paper towel dispenser ribbon organizer. source:

Just in time for the holidays, this repurposed paper towel dispenser is perfect for keeping ribbons neatly organized and easy to reach. Argh! Why hadn’t I seen this before I gave mine away to my brother?!?

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