If there was ever something in the world of home decor that might elicit a “tilt-your-head-and-say-huh?”-kind of moment, it might be this image.  I took a double-take clicking through the web when I came across artist Doris Salcedo’s art installation of 1,600 chairs stacked precariously between two ordinary and unremarkable buildings; a hardware store and small ironmongery business.  According to an article on White Cube “…Salcedo’s work has become increasingly installation-based, using the gallery spaces or unusual locations to create vertiginous environments charged with politics and history.”

It never ceases to amaze me how an ordinary item like a chair can be utilized in ways that provoke extraordinary results. If Salcedo’s aspiration for this art piece was to instill thought and amazement, she succeeded.

Precision = artistic genius.

All photos courtesy of Universe in Universe.

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