Flaired up dorm room

Flaired up dorm room. source:

Let’s face it. Dorm rooms, in their most purest form, are blah. They’re small, typically have no architectural character and often contain drab, uninspiring furniture. Admittedly for me, dorm decor wasn’t on the top of my to-do list when I drove off to college, car stuffed to the roof with my entire life’s possessions. At the same time, had I known, with just a few key items, my living quarters could have look like the photo above, I might have done some strategic shopping before zooming off to San Diego. Eh, you live you learn; moreover, and referencing back to my English Lit. class, “This is the highest wisdom that I own; freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. Take note of today’s “Room of the Day” where flair is the key to receiving an “A” in dorm decor.

Get this dorm room design for your school!

Reversible twin XL duvet set-Believe:Pinwheel

Reversible twin XL duvet set-Believe:Pinwheel. source:

Reversible twin XL duvet set – graphic but neutral, this grey/white reversible bed cover also comes with one standard sham and is machine washable. No longer available.

Coaster stacked glass look table lamp

Coaster stacked glass look table lamp. source:

Coaster Stacked Glass Look Table Lamp – add a little touch of elegance to class up your school’s home space. Price: $184.oo for set of 2.

Ooh decorative pillow

Ooh decorative pillow. source:

Ooh Decorative Pillow you’re on your own, so why not have a little decor fun? This felt lettered pillow comes in different colors and will literally make a statement to roommates and classmates alike. No longer available.

Call your mother pillow

Call your mother pillow. source:

Call Your Mother Decorative Pillow: though your mom may be miles away, her concern for you is always with you…here is a reminder she’ll love buy you! No longer available.

Chandelier decal

Chandelier decal. source:

Chandelier Wall Decal – here’s a sure fire way to turn drab into designed: stick-on bling! Easily removable, if you can’t paint those blah white walls, decal them with a 2-dimensional chandelier. Prices range from $5.99 – $29.

Asphalt A Print

Asphalt A Print. source:

Zebra Z Print

Zebra Z Print. source:

Asphalt A Print & Zebra Z Print: Bold, colored prints that are nicely framed instantly raise your decor grade. These graphic prints pays homage to your grade school education where you can use them to spell out your name, school initials, or any word you fancy. Available in many colors. Price for both: $24.99.

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