Swing set dining table

Swing set dining table. source:

We all remember the bland days of the 1980s, when patterns and styles were forgettable and a long way away from the stylish and contemporary world that we live in today. Back then, it seemed like taste and style took a turn for the worse from the mid-century mod and psychedelic style-making ledge-walkers. But with the help of technology and inspiration, design ideas of the 21st century have opened up opportunities to invite us to make our homes look super cool.

However, we don’t all have a keen eye for design, do we? So, that is why we wanted to help you in making your home look amazing. With just 7 simple, but unique ideas, you’ll have your guests (be it family or friends), saying wow! when they enter your home.

Ready to go? Let’s take a look at some incredible ideas to transform your home.

1. Glass Door Made Of Swatches

Door glass made of swatches

Door glass made of swatches. source:

This particular design idea can be jaw-dropping if done right, and is pretty much like a modern day take on stain-glass windows. The colored swatches that overlay onto glass doors change the mood of a room, and cast incredibly cheerfully colors across walls. This alone will take your breath away as you see the blend of different hues changing throughout the day.

2. The Chandelier That Can Turn Your Home Into A Forest

Hilden Diaz-forms-in-nature chandelier

Hilden Diaz-forms-in-nature chandelier. source:

Chandeliers can look impressive in most rooms of a house, whether you want to make it the central attraction to a hallway as you enter a home, or whether you want to put the “cherry on top of the cake” in a living room, dining room, or make it the main bedroom feature.

However, it’s not just the chandelier’s design that can look cool, it’s the way the light reflects off the walls and ceiling. With some designs you can transform a room with shadows – there’s even a chandelier designed by Hilden Diaz that creates reflections that emulate a forest.

3. The Wood Mat

Wooden mats are inexpensive and add a contemporary-cool look to your home; whether you choose to put one at a rear door or the main front door, it’s the perfect decor addition to tell your guests “welcome”.

4. Hammock Over The Stairs

hammock over the stairs

Hammock over the stairs or just about anywhere INside your house is cool. source:

You can’t get much cooler than placing a hammock across the top of your staircase, but you need to remember that people still need to use the stairs. With careful planning, “hanging out” will be a cinch.

5. The Aquarium Sink


Aquasink…where fish watch you wash. source:

One of our funky favorites  is the aquarium sink, where you can wash your hands whilst looking at swimming fish! It’s a spectacular sight to behold and will have your guests looking and talking about it for a long while.

6. Swing Set Dining Table

Swing set dining table's not just for kids

Swing set dining table’s not just for kids. source:

You may call it crazy, but we call it super cool, and it sure makes hovering much easier! The swing set dining table is exactly what it sounds like – chairs and a table suspended from a frame that takes up zero floor space (apart from the four corners of the frame that sit on the floor). If you have kids, this is a must-have.

7. Giant Bird Nest Bed

Bird's nest dressed for Easter

Bird’s nest dressed for Easter. source:

This super cool idea is a bed that looks like a bird’s nest. The pillows look like eggs, and the bed is  a circular, nest-looking design. It’s comfortable and the ultimate in coolness.

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