Revived vintage desk lamp and organizer

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At heart, I’m a purist. I love natural, unpainted trim work, patinated metals, and the thought of scratched and hand-worn wood makes my heart all a flutter and my knees melt like butter.

A little much? Yeah, I hear ya.


Sometimes, though, there are those pieces and situations where a little paint goes a long way. Today, I thought I’d share a smattering of vintage desk accessories I’ve revived and customized, along with a few I’ve discovered and pinned to hopefully provide a you with a little DIY inspo.

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1. Vintage Organizer

The vintage organizer - before

The vintage organizer – before. source:

I came across this little gem at the school I was teaching at last year. It had “old school” written all over it.

Figuratively, that is.

I knew I wanted to fold it into my home writing room/craft room so I gave it a little gold and white customization. Now, it’s gorgeous and keeps my fabrics perfectly visible and accessible.

Tape off a fun design

Tape off a fun design. source:

Painting the gold accent color on the vintage organizer

Painting the gold accent color using my HomeRight spray shelter. source:

Don’tcha just love how these textiles adds a pop of color?

This revived and functional paper orgaanizer looks so chic and colorful as a fabric sorter

This revived and functional paper organizer looks so chic and colorful as a fabric sorter. source:

Revived desk paper organizer makes a perfect fabric display as well

Revived desk paper organizer makes a perfect fabric display as well. source:

2. Vinage Desk Lamp

Vintage desk lamp before

Vintage desk lamp before. source:

Okay, how cute is this little sweetheart?!? I just love its space-agey vibe and how perfect the direct light is for sewing and crafting jobs. I painted it to match the look of my organizer…a match made in DIY heaven!

Tape off cords and buttons

Tape off cords and buttons. source:

Revived and wowed desk lamp

Revived and wowed desk lamp. source:

3. Vintage Pencil Sharpener

Again, as a purist, I tend to lean on leaving vintage as is. However, after seeing what Penny, of SewTakeAHike did with an Ebay find, I quickly hopped on the other side of that fence! She kept most of this components original and added a sweet color of blue. So sharp!

Revived vintage pencil sharpener is so sharp

Revived vintage pencil sharpener keeps is original character and has an updated, newish feel. source:

4. Vintage Rolodex

Ah…yesteryear! A time when we actually wrote down numbers and kept them on a little card. Though, their function is now antiquated, their use as a reminder and ideas keeper (like birthdays, anniversaries, places to travel to, etc.) is quite smart and handy. Check out this cutely upcycled rolodex by Carrie of – you may put this on your flea market gotta-find list.

Reminders and Ideas Rolodex

Reminders and Ideas rolodex. source:

Ideas and reminders rolodex.

Ideas and reminders rolodex. source:

5. Vintage Flower Frog Repurposed into Pencil Holder

One step better than vintage desk accessories, is repurposed vintage items turned desk accessories like these charming flower frogs that now function as totally lovely and functional pencil and scissors holders.

Glass and wire vintage flower frogs make perfect pencil and scissor holders

Glass and wire vintage flower frogs make perfect pencil and scissor holders. source:

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