This may sound silly, but you can start organizing for the holidays next year by organizing all your decorations from this year.  When the gifts are all opened, the treats all eaten and the guests have departed, follow these 3 simple tips to get a jump-start on the new year with your holiday decor neatly and carefully stowed away.

Tip #1: Color-Coordinate Plastic Bins

For all of your seasonal decorations consider using colored plastic bins/tubs (found at stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Target, etc.).  Christmas decorations are stored in red/green tubs.  Halloween and fall decor is stored in orange/black tubs.  Easter is stored in pastel colored tubs.  It makes for an easy way to identify what is where.

These tubs are also very durable and sturdy and you can feel confident knowing your favorite things are safe and secure. Extra tip: if you can’t locate colored bins, clear ones will do. Simply write the contents on a strip of tape or create a “swatch” of paint using acrylic paint (matching the colors to the season) then write the contents on the swatch with a sharpie.

Tip #2: Reuse Retail Boxes


Heavy cardboard boxes from retail stores can also hold favorite ornaments and collections.  Some of them even have a holiday theme printed right on the box which makes it easier to identify your decorations.

Tip #3: Recycle Wine Boxes

For those who enjoy recycling, wine boxes with dividers provide an ideal home for lights, ornaments and more.  They are sturdy and can be had at no cost at your local grocery or beverage store.

All photography by Bridget Johnson, HomeJelly

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