As a songwriter, this quote really (a-hem) spoke to me. It’s incredible how we can accumulate so much stuff by merely not throwing it out. And I’m not even talking about shoes, or clothes or kitchen gadgets!

Think about how often we shop for food, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, get mail, coupons, tax and bank statements, and on and on and on.

Not very sexy stuff is it?

Be that as it may, this mundane, everyday clutter can start to pile up, with an ever-so-sneaky skill to create a mess! Not only that, it can begin to crowd our beautiful spaces, even from behind doors, drawers and cabinets.

So, today, I thought I’d shed light on 10 unexpected places to declutter and organize, so that you can enjoy a more simplified home that will speak beautifully to you and your family.

Place #1: Kitchen Junk Drawer


Just because we call this catchall place a “junk” drawer, doesn’t mean it has to look like a junk yard! With the help of a silverware organizer, you can keep all kinds of stuff separated and easy to access.

For the purpose of sharing with y’all one of my other favorite and unexpected places to declutter and organize, I thought I’d skip on over to…

Place #6: Under-the-Sink-Cabinet


Ugh. For many of us, this is the black hole of cleaning supplies, much of which can be totally forgotten by being shoved way in the back. They end up never being used, but always to crowd and disorganize the items we need when we need them most.

And, yes! You CAN organize this place under the sink WITHOUT all kinds of gadgets, baskets, bins and what-have-yous! To be honest, because I hadn’t purchased these items, I put off cleaning and sorting this area and lived with a mess for months!

Extra Tip! Don’t put off organizing because you haven’t bought organizing bins, boxes or special shelves! Simply sort and create sections for your different things!

This is gonna be a bit painful, but worth it. Follow these steps:

  1. Select: pull out EVERY-thing (yes…even that rusted can of who-knows-what from way in the back).
  2. Sort: separate everything into their purposes or rooms for which they are used for (e.g. bathroom: Comet, toilet cleaner, tile cleaner, etc.; carpet/furniture cleaners; car cleaning supplies; etc.)
  3. Section: place each of your sorted supplies by section in your cabinet for easy access.

Extra-Extra Tip! Use carry bins or plastic baskets for each room/purpose if space permits.


For the remaining 8 other unexpected places to declutter and organize, jump on over to my sponsor, HomeRight and read the full article.

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