More than 11 million households or 23 percent of homeowners owe more on their mortgage than their house is currently worth. Unfortunately, some homeowners will ultimately be forced to sell their home, but with some easy updates and for a minimal cost, they can boost the sales price of their home and keep that cash to take care of their family.

But what do you need to actually do for these updates if you want to attract sellers without burying yourself in expenses? The following home improvement itemsare great for easy  and inexpensive fixes to attract potential home buyers.

10 easy and affordable items to fix when selling a house:

  1. Tiles: example-Ceramic mosaic tile sheets – There are some small tiling projects that a Do-It-Yourselfer can handle in the bathroom or kitchen, and these tile sheets can make a huge difference.
  2. Bricks: example-Brick paving blocks – You can do some really cool DIY landscaping projects with nice looking bricks for accent.
  3. Lighting Fixtures: example-Pendant lighting – Take out the old, ugly fixtures and handle put in some new groovy ones.
  4. Base Board Moulding: example-Primed pine beaded base moulding – Trim, trim, trim. These are the little details and finishes that can really update the look of a house.
  5. Paint & Sealer: example-Custom varieties of paints and sealants – Does your bathroom, living room, or bedroom need a new updated look? Use a piece of fabric, a painting, even a piece of fruit to create your own customized color…easy peasy. Plus, everyone can sling a paint brush.
  6. Caulking: Replacing that  gross caulking in your bathroom and kitchen sink & bathtub area can make a huge difference. Black caulking is yucky.
  7. Bathroom Sink and Vanity sets: example-Contemporary ceramic sink vanity set – Replace your dated vanity with one that is sleek and shiny. You can hang the vanity yourself and maybe even install the sink, though you might want the plumber or handyman to hook it up.
  8. Update your shower head: example-Rain Shower Head – Unscrew the old one, screw in the new one…..and enjoy!
  9. Cedar Landscaping Timbers: example-6×6 western red cedar landscape timbers – Landscaping can be easy for many DIY’s to dabble in, it makes a huge difference with your curb appeal and it’s pretty forgiving in case you mess up! Use timbers like these to frame out a cool flower area or to replace that old, little cement wall around trees or flower beds.
  10. Cool looking wood: For all kinds of projects: example-Antique barn Doors – hang groovy looking reclaimed wood above your doors, use them as art, accents in your garden, or if you’re feeling really bold, you can do a little paneling in your rec room.

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