What’s the Deal With Teal Pumpkins?

Painted display pumpkin painted teal

Painted for a purpose…pumpkin painted teal to let kids know they won’t have to worry about food allergies from your house. source: chemknits.com

There’s no doubt that we’re seeing all kinds of stylized pumpkins these days. Gourds galore are being intricately carved, adorned and bedazzled with masks, craft materials, googly eyes and glitter, displayed upside-down and sideways, and even simply left au natural.

Crazily carved pumpkins

Crazily carved pumpkins. source: homeditorial.com

Crafted pumpkins

Cute crafted pumpkins. Click in for the how-to and free templates. source: asmallsnippet.com

Mummy pumpkin with googly eyes

Mummy pumpkin with googly eyes. Click in for the full how-to! source: dammitminnie.blogspot.com

The Teal Pumpkin Project:

But, this year, it seems the decorating medium of choice is paint. AND, more specifically, paint with a purpose. The color? Teal. The purpose? To let trick-or-treaters know that you’ll be giving out food-allergy-safe treats.

Teal pumpkin project by Food allergy Research and Education

Teal pumpkin project by Food allergy Research and Education. source: foodallergy.org

Here is the “Teal Pumpkin Pledge”:teal pumpkin pledge image

So…now you know! It’s super easy to paint a pumpkin with craft paint and a brush…that’s it! For more information and different ways to take part in FARE’s “Teal Pumpkin Project”, click in and enjoy!

10 NON-FOOD items you can give away in lieu of candy this Halloween:


1. stickers


2. plastic bugs, spiders or bats (Party City has a big bag of assorted plastic trinkets like this)


3. pencils

4. Pencil toppers

5. erasers

6. bouncy balls

7. temporary tattoos (cool and/or halloween-themed)



8. pennies, nickels and dimes

9. silly straws

10. balloons

EXTRA! Don’t forget their K9 siblings! Hand out a wrapped dog¬†biscuit or treat.

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Now it’s Your Turn!

Would you consider handing out non-food items and displaying a TEAL pumpkin this year? What different kinds of items might you give to trick-or-treaters?

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