Tools You’ll Need for These 20 Minute At-Home Do-It-Yourself Jobs

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Tool we need around the house

Tool we need around the house. source:

My do-it-yourself-skillful cousin, Tom, has told me several times that, “With the right tools, you can do any job easier.” No doubt, but, sometimes it’s hard to know which tools we need for which project. Thankfully, we were sent this practical infographic guide listing the tools needed for some of the more common DIY tasks we can do around our homes. Additionally, I included links to some of our HomeJelly how-tos that can hopefully help make completing them easier.

Now strap on your tool belts and let’s get to work!


Check out these around-the-house how-tos:

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Now It’s Your Turn!

What’s your most favorite (and often used) tool in your home?

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Written By Skaie Knox

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