If Headboards Could Talk…

Repurpose / Refurbish

Now, if headboards had the ability to speak, boy, there would be some stories to tell! Since this is not possible, we’ll let the history of these repurposed bed-headers do the talking. Starting from their humble beginnings, or, rather after they’ve been used and discarded as “rubbish”, items like old single-pane windows, storm-blown down fences, salvaged mantels, and antique dresser drawers can often found covered with caked-on dirt or crusted, pealing paint, hidden in the back of a garage, salvage or donation center: Well, today, we see how they have now been transformed into spectacular feature pieces for the bedroom. The moral to this tale? Junk is in the eye of the beholder.

Single Paned Windows: These weathered window panes are ever so charming, with vintage fabric inserts to complement the “bed-scape”. Note that the glass should be carefully removed especially for those of us in California. Photo: bgh.com

Wooden Fence with a Story: This once standing fence, destroyed in a storm, turned jumping gates for horses, turned wall art, turned headboard brings warmth and long-lasting energy to your sleeping space. Read more about this headboard’s history on this home Jelly blog. Photo: shannon-quimby.blogspot.com

Dresser Drawers: Several drawers were set on their side, painted, and puzzled into a fun and functional headboard, offering both storage and an artsy top-off to this nicely dressed bed. Photo: bgh.com

Fireplace Mantel: Many of us wish we could house a piece of history in our homes. A salvaged mantel would stand perfectly at the head of your bed and add character and depth left as is or sanded and painted with any color or finish you desire.

Note: a good tip if you wish to leave any of these items in their original form is to lightly sand and wipe  clean before placing in your room (and remove any class or protruding nails). If you wish to “modernize” the look, sand, wipe and paint it a glossy, funky color that complements your current scheme.

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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Written By Skaie Knox

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