Repurposed Dresser Makes A Fantastic Raised Garden Bed Part 2

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So, youʼve used the drawers of that old dresser to make a vertical veggie garden (part 1), but what do you do with those old dresser bodies? Use them as raised beds (part 2)! These are very simple to make, plus they are naturally deep, perfect for those root crops like carrots and beets.


• older dresser body – we used two small six drawer dresser bodies

• scraps of plywood or planks – (if necessary) to cover any open sides

• drill


• soil

• plants

• lattice – for climbing plants (optional)


1. Lay the dresser body so that the back of the dresser that will eventually be on the ground, is facing up.

2. Drill small 1/4 inch holes for drainage. I drilled a random pattern of holes sufficient to drain the raised bed in case of a rainy summer.

3. Next, flip the dresser over so that the back with the drainage holes is on the ground.

4. Then, if your dresser has a missing side, like ours did because they were originally built- in, cut your plywood or wood planks to the length of the dresser and attach with nails.

5. Finally, fill the dresser body with dirt and plant.

NOTE: You may chose to waterproof the inside of the dresser before planting, but we had such good luck with the drawers that we didnʼt waterproof. Waterproofing will makes sense depending on the material of the dresser.

Optional additions:

Since we planted peas and sun flowers and wanted something for them to climb and lean against, we took some old left over lattice and attached it to the dresser body using nails.

Also, we had natural dividers for our plants since we used an old six drawer dresser. If your dresser only had one drawer per row, you could always cut some scrap and nail in some dividers so that you can visually separate the plants in the bed.

Finally, if your growing season is short like here in Alaska, you can try this: we covered the beds initially with 4mm plastic to encourage our seeds to germinate. We just stapled it to the dresser body so that we could peel it back to water, then re-stapled it.

We hope these instructions are helpful and that you give this a try. It’s a great way to recycle and it’s the quickest way to make raised beds that Iʼve been able to find. Happy gardening.

Dresser drawers available on Raised & Veggie Garden photos courtesy of Meg.

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Written By Meg Zaletel

Meg Zaletel is a HomeJelly friend and creative DIYer and blogger. Check out more of Meg's musings and ideas on her blog Questions about project instructions can be directed to [email protected]

  • Mr. Moonchylde

    This is a total head-slapper, in that it’s so brilliant and obvious I can’t believe I never thought of it before. Plus I think I see about four or so dressers in the trash pretty much every week. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Skaie Knox

      @Mr. Moonchylde-so glad you liked the post! It’s readers like you that keep us working hard to post ideas like these! Thanks so much for stopping by…send photos of your own repurposed dresser garden bed, we’d love to see how ya did!

  • John

    Love it. I have an old dresser that we were trying to sell at a garage sale, and then it rained, so the dresser is kind of shot, but not for being repurposed as a raised bed. Great idea.

    • Skaie Knox

      @John…I’ve got a cabinet that has suffered the same fate as yours…it’s so great to learn ways to still use “Mother Natured” furniture. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your project!

  • tsakinah

    I am a local DIY lady. I just made a raised garden bed out of two sets of upper cabinets. All the items used with the exception of the nails were acquired from Craigslist Free Stuff! I wanted to make more, but didn’t want to devote a lot of wood cutting time. I googled repurposed dressers into raised garden beds and look what came up. Thank you, these look great! For those DIY ers out there try to make a garden bench out of an old futon, it will amaze you!


    • Skaie Knox

      Thanks for the kind words, tsakinah! If you decide to DIY some new garden beds, please send us a photo or two – [email protected]. Good luck!

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  • Rhana Thompson

    Great tips! Old dressers are perfect for outdoor planters. I just wonder if waterproofing the inside will work and protect the dresser for a long-term use. Last month I came across a similar article and it inspired me a lot.

    • Skaie Knox

      Hi Rhana! Thanks for the kind words about this post! I’d suggest asking a gardening expert at your nearby nursery what they might have to waterproof your dresser drawers. They may have some additional ways besides using plastic liners to super-waterproof your planters long-term. Good luck!