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As a musician and surfer, I’ve tied many a ribbon of road, traveling and touring across America, Canada, and Mexico in, non-other than, a relentless and easy-to-work-on Volkswagen Westfalia. For VW enthusiasts, the year of choice we coveted was the 1971 type 2 (dual intake) air-cooled, disc-brakes model, with pop-top for that extra three wonderful feet of head-room (and in “mobile homespeak”, that’s like adding cathedral ceilings!). Since my trekking days, there have been many new types of vehicles that have morphed into fantastic, amazing, and even eco-friendly mobile abodes (see our previous blog “Two Story House the Size of a Parking Spot“) with home decor and architectural design considerations intact and quite sophisticated.

Convertible Camper: built from scratch, this convertible camper transforms into a two-story house with all the amenities of home. Going up. Photo (and additional information and video) courtesy of dornob.com.

Solar Home on Wheels: the solar powered mobile home depends only on the sun to power its kitchen, office, and bed/living room. Ya gotta love a green getaway retreat! Photo courtesy of momoy.com.

Compact Camper: talk about efficient! This three-wheeler sleeper houses a fully functional kitchen, wash basin, closet and drawers, bed, lounge, and uses hybrid energy. It is truly the matchbox version of home away from home. Photo courtesy of dornob.com.

Mobile Egg House: truly sophisticated in design and decor, this modern mobile oval is deceptively spacious, with a kitchen, bathroom, and bed (and plenty of  stylish shelving). Additionally, the nose cone opens to provide easy access to outdoor square-footage. Mork would love this baby…(nanu, nanu!). Photo courtesy of b-onehome.com.

The Colum Modular Camper: this concept mobile home piqued my interest because of its fantastic solution to mobile living and easy traveling. Solar powered and hybrid the modules include a two-seater car, trailer, and motor home. Simply brilliant. Photo courtesy of superbalanced.blogspot.com.

Note: for more detailed information, click on each photo. Homepage thumbnail photo courtesy of b-onehome.com, and top photo courtesy of roadhaus.com.

Skaie Knox

Written by Skaie Knox

Decor nerd, design enthusiast and the Editor-in-Chief/Writer for HomeJelly and co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Dwellingz, a real estate home story-telling website. Skaie is also a published singer/songwriter and kids book author, voted "Class Clown", and rescue dogs crusader. If you're in the market for a new home, or just want to learn the "inside scoop" on Los Angeles real estate, click onto her photo and read her home tours and stories at www.dwellingz.com.

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