Holey Paint Cans, Batman…No Drips!

You might have heard on one or two occasions that the simplest and most cost-effective way to make a decorative difference in a room or piece of furniture is to paint it. Unfortunately, for those of us who have taken brush or roller in hand, we’ve invariably suffered the oh-so-fun “sloppy, drippy paint can” phenomena. Ugh.

While watching HGTV’s Design Star, I discovered this quick-tip (that I’m so giddy about, I wanna holler it from my roof-top!): hole punch the rim to minimize overflowing the paint can’s edge. It’s so simple, yet such a powerful DIY trick, even a super hero would be impressed!

After climbing down off the roof, I asked my husband to assist me in putting it to the test…

Before: pouring the paint…

Before: the dreaded sloppy, drippy aftermath.

Before:…an overflowing mess.

So now, here’s what you do:

1. Place the tip of a flat head screwdriver inside the channel of the rim so that its flat part is parallel to the edge of the can.

2. Using a hammer, tap the screwdriver until it punches through, making a small hole.

3. Repeat along the pouring side’s edge (about 6 holes).

Now it’s time to test it out…

After: pouring the paint…

After: paint is running through the holes inside the can.

Before and After Results: though there is still a little paint dripping, it is far less and more manageable than before.  Success!

No storage mess: because the newly punched holes are located inside the rim, when the top is replaced, it covers them perfectly.

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Skaie Knox

Written by Skaie Knox

Decor nerd, design enthusiast and the Editor-in-Chief/Writer for HomeJelly and co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Dwellingz, a real estate home story-telling website. Skaie is also a published singer/songwriter and kids book author, voted "Class Clown", and rescue dogs crusader. If you're in the market for a new home, or just want to learn the "inside scoop" on Los Angeles real estate, click onto her photo and read her home tours and stories at www.dwellingz.com.

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