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When anyone mentions the idea of an outdoor bathroom, I immediately recall the image of Sir Richard Branson, on his private Necker Island, outside enjoying the warms ocean breeze, waves crashing against the rocks, sitting on his “throne” whilst donning a king’s crown. Today’s blog will illustrate how you, and our friends at ServiceMagic, can create an outstanding out-of-doors washroom that’s fit for a…well, you know.

Ocean bathing view. Photo: justbesplendid.tumblr.com

Outdoor Rain Shower & Bath: you’ll be singing in the rain with this nature-surrounded outdoor bathroom. Weather resistant teak wood decking and modern tub and fixtures will have you serenading the birds. Photo: justbesplendid.tumblr.com

Beachy-Chic. Photo: coastalliving.com

Outdoor Beachy-Chic Shower & Bath: A beautiful deck is all that’s needed to arrange and install these seashore-style bathroom pieces. Imperfection is perfect. Photo: coastalliving.com

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