A Stroll Through the Neighborhood: Homes Decked Out for Halloween!

This is gonna be a long Halloween weekend, and by the looks of our neighborhood, it’s gonna be a spooky one. Whilst walking my dog, Klunkers earlier today, I thought I’d snap a few shots of my favorite decorated houses to share with you all. The repetitive theme this year? Spiders, skeletons and creepily hung clowns…sends shivers up my spine just talking about it! Walk with me now, (and, uh, if you wouldn’t mind, hold my hand!) as we take a look at some fun and frightfully decked out dwellings.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

Skaie Knox

Written by Skaie Knox

Decor/Design/Repurposing nerd and DIYer, freelance writer, and the editor-in-chief for HomeJelly. Skaie is also a signed and published singer/songwriter (Fervor Records/ASCAP) and kid's book author (Big Bug Lunch!). She was voted "Class Clown", and is a rescue dogs crusader.

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