Vintage spool necklace display

Vintage spool necklace display. source:

My love of things vintage seems to have grown the more I discover their repurposing power. I’m not one to collect trinkets or tchotchkes (vintage or not), which often end up as dust collectors that can clutter both visual and mind space in my experience. However, as the daughter of a farm girl, I do have a great appreciation for function; it’s practically built into my DNA! With that in mind, I wanted to share the following “new again”, vintage home goods that make my heart beat with re-purposeful delight.

Vintage spool necklace display.

Vintage spool necklace display. source:

{Vintage spool necklace display}: the shape of wooden spools is perfect for displaying and keeping necklaces in place, their old world charm and quaintness can be highlighted with a vintage fabric background and frame. If you’d like to go more modern, paint the spools a popping color and set it off with a mod, graphic textile inside a crisp, clean frame.

Ohmega Salvage doorknobs

Ohmega Salvage doorknobs. source:

Vintage doorknob patio tile

Vintage doorknob patio tile. source:

{Vintage doorknob patio tile}: talk about a conversation piece! This “knobblestone” patio is happy and purposeful, and shows off just how functional vintage doorknobs can be.

Vintage camera nightlight

Vintage camera nightlight. source: jayfish, etsy

Vintage camera nightlight, back

Vintage camera nightlight, back. source: jayfish, etsy

{Vintage camera nightlight}: there is a love affair going on with vintage cameras, like this Imperial Mark 27 beaut. Clever designer, Jason Hull brings them out of retirement and into functional use as a cute and cuddly “night-night” light.

Vintage drum side table

Vintage drum side table. source:

{Vintage drum side table}: music meets vintage with this percussive bin side table. The double-snazzy thing about this repurposed piece is, every time you set your book or coffee cup upon it, the beat goes on!

Vintage sheets and pillow case curtains

Vintage sheets and pillow case curtains. source:

Vintage sheets and pillow case curtains, closeup

Vintage sheets and pillow case curtains, closeup. source:

{Vintage sheets & pillow case curtains}: whether you find them at a flea market or in your grandmother’s dresser drawers, these sweet and “new again” sheets and pillow cases make for very custom patchwork window dressings. They can also be turned into new pillow coverings, quilts, and duvet covers.

How have you given a vintage piece new life? Add to the conversation below!

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