Vintage Eagle desk lamp

Recently, my cousin Tom moved from Los Angeles to Minnesota. Before he left, he performed the customary “get rid of everything I don’t need” ritual and in this order: garage sale, Goodwill, give away. Lucky for me, prior to placing his stuff out on the neighborhood market, he called and asked if I wanted to dig through his things for anything I might want. Bingo! One of my favorite finds? His grandfather’s 30s era cast iron Eagle gooseneck desk lamp (above). It is patinated perfectly and has an art-deco industrial edge that is totally hip. It sits now in a place of honor and adds vintage and familial presence to the room. Every time I click it on, I can feel the energy of my great uncle. This lamp was clearly loved in its prime.

Here now are some other ways to place vintage desk lighting in your home…

Emma-reddington desk lamp

Emma Reddington vintage style task lighting in a modern space. Source:

Vintage wooden task lamp

Vintage wood task lamp smacks of Frank Lloyd Wright. Source:

Vintage cast iron task lamp

Vintage cast iron desk lamp allows light to shine through wire shade. Source:

Vintage mod desk lamp perfect for kitchen tasks

Vintage mod desk lamp is perfect for kitchen tasks and decor. Source:

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