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Stuff. Upcycled Pumpkins.

Pumpkin bird feeder

Pumpkin bird feeder. source: marthastewart.com

Pumpkin bird feeder: cold weather is coming and this feeder will offer birds the energy they’ll need to build their winter nests. Find the easy how-to at marthastewart.com.

Turkey pumpkin centerpiece

Turkey pumpkin centerpiece. source: HomeJelly.com

Turkey pumpkin centerpiece: let the kids get involved with your Thanksgiving decorating. Branches, a pine cone, googlie eyes and colored felt for the beak is all it takes to make this gourd gobble-goobler. See more kid-friendly tablescape ideas on another HomeJelly post.

Pumpkin cooler

Pumpkin cooler. source: southernliving.com

Pumpkin cooler: Give your gourd a second life in this upcycled pumpkin cooler-perfect for all your fall festivities. Visit southernliving.com to view the how-to  video.

Natural Pumpkin Centerpiece

Natural pumpkin centerpiece. source: HomeJelly.com

Natural pumpkin centerpiece: sometimes, less is more. Jump on over to our romantic rustic Thanksgiving for a no nonsense take on table decor.

Christmas & Hanuka pumpkin gifts

Christmas & Hanuka pumpkin gifts. source: HomeJelly.com

Christmas & Hanuka pumpkin gifts: paint and glitter will instantly upcycle autumn pumpkins into wintery holiday decorations. See the easy step-by-step on HomeJelly.

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