Pup in his pet house

Pup in his pet house.

Do you have a diva doggie or treat yours like one? I have to admit, with a DINK household (double income no kids), we definitely put our pooch on a prestigious pedestal.  Why not? The joy he brings us is immense, and I’m sure our blood pressure maintains a healthy number thanks to all the kisses and cuddle sessions we enjoy throughout the day.

So, with that said, when it comes to decorating your home, there are ways to stylishly incorporate your pup’s needs and bring in a bit of K9 cottage couture. Below are our top 5 pet supplies that will satisfy both your decor desires and your designer doggie essentials.


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Our Top 5 Pet Supplies


#1. Designer Crate Cover

Red crate cover

Red crate cover. source:

Red crate cover top view

Red crate cover top view. source:

What we love most about this removable crate cover is its decor friendly pop of color and fun striped lining. Additionally, the blackout quality of the double-lined fabric will make sleeping easy. Hand sewn buttons and two roll-up or foldable doors make this a very quality and flexible pet product. With so many styles to choose from, your pooch will look and feel like a true designer doggie diva. Prices: $132.19 to $125.58.

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#2. Merry Pet Wood Room with a View Pet House (see top photo)

Merry Pet Wood Room with a View Pet House

Merry Pet Wood Room with a View Pet House.

Talk about fit for a king! This indoor/outdoor kiln-dried cedar wood pet house includes balcony, latticework, and side steps. This K9 castle was designed for more petite pups and can be painted to fit your current color scheme or kept natural. Our likes? Natural woods are more chic and we also appreciate how it mimics the elements of a real house. Price: $89.69.

#3. PetLawn Original Waste Management System

PetLawn system

PetLawn system.

This indoor restroom for pets is neat, easy to clean and great for when your puppy or dog can’t go outside. We also love that it is odor resistant with an antimicrobial grass and built-in waste bag dispenser. It may not be a high-end decor feature, but it will save your existing carpet and furniture from puppy or elderly pup accidents. Perfect for apartments or homes with limited outdoor space. Price: $15.22.

#4. Molly Mutt Dog Duvets

Conversation 16 Dog Duvet

Conversation 16 Dog Duvet.

Bird on a Wire duvet

Bird on a Wire duvet.

Wild Flower Outdoor Duvet

Wild Flower Outdoor Duvet.

Who knew dog duvets had such posh fabric designs? We adore the modern and graphic patterns represented here that will add an element of design to your home. Easily removable and washable, there’s no reason not to honor your best friend with one of these fashionable bed covers. Prices: $50, $32.58, and $25 respectively (varying sizes are available).

#5. Single Bamboo Feeder

Single Bamboo Feeder

Single Bamboo Feeder.

Chewed up plastic bowls are just not befitting a doggie diva. Instead, try the green, contemporary design of this real bamboo feeder. We dig the sleek and clean lines and that it also comes with its own stainless steel bowl; a great piece of dog decor that’s very cool. Prices: $32.15 – $34.99.


 Our 5 Favorite Pet Shops


Not into shopping online? Well, we thought we’d weigh in on our favorite brick and mortars and offer some additional pet supply resources.

#1. Lomita Feed: this shop may be owned by our cousins, but they certainly deserve a shout-out. We love a good mom and pop store like this one that offers a large variety of feed (from horses to dogs to birds), tack and supplies and a plethora of animal knowledge.

#2. Kriser’s: Brad Kriser is certainly a pet shop owner who puts his money where his muzzle is! With a dog owner’s history of 8 dogs, he knows a personal thing or two about raising pups. He also recognizes the need for all-natural pet foods and supplies and how this can contribute to longer, happier lives. There are  seven locations in Chicago, four in Southern California and one in Denver.

#3. Pet Depot: with store locations nation wide (and even in Canada and Mexico), you’ll be able to find one of these shops quite easily. We recently visited our local store and were very impressed by their pet food knowledge, their eagerness to serve, and their weekly adopt a pet promotions, supporting local shelters and rescue organizations.

#4. Centinela Feed: located in Southern California, Centinela Feed is a mom and pop shop meets warehouse in terms of their inventory. You’ll find just about anything you need, and they are especially wonderful about reaching out to the rescue and shelter community with weekly events to promote pet adoptions.

#5. PetSmart: okay, so we did have to include one box store. But seriously, they’re pretty darn great when it comes to offering lots of pet supplies and foods at discounted prices (look for their daily and weekly coupons). They’re even moving towards more natural and healthy food alternatives. Bret Michaels recently signed on to promote his cool rock star line of pet couture and products which has brought more attention to the public encouraging us to adopt shelter and rescue animals.

What do you think? Would your pooch love any of these products?

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