Desk before

Desk before. source:

When I came across these “Before & After” pictures submitted by Julie, reader of cutie-patootie blogger Lindsey’s Better After blog, I was so excited, like running into a friend while traveling in France! I also recognized that I have this exact desk! See?

Skaie Desk

Skaie desk. source:

Back in 1981, my mom and I found this beauty (which wasn’t so beautiful at the time) caked in old white paint. I was just so happy to have one to do my homework on and fill the drawers with all things teens love to collect. Years later, I finally mustered up the guts to strip it, and what I discovered underneath the layers was…beautiful maple wood. (Oooh! Ahh!)

Well, that’s what I’ve thought for the past several years…(yeah, hmm, uh-huh) until now! After seeing this fabulous “After” version of my same desk, I must admit, it’s better than both our “Befores”. It has so much more personality and fun! Take a look:

Desk after

Desk after. source:

I just love the natural, yet distressed drawer fronts and desk top that contrast so interestingly with the softly antique painted body and legs. I also love the red industrial faucet drawer pulls (though, I would keep the original hardware safely tucked away in one of those Ziploc baggies in case, one day, I might want to sell it…and to keep its originality in tact).

What do you think HomeJellies? Should I go for it and try something like this on my desk, or should I keep her as is? Pleeese! I’d love to know your thoughts! I’m at a bit of a DIY crossroads and I’m so tempted to try this!

For instructions on how Julie redid this desk, visit and scroll down to the comments below. Seriously…help me!

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