Stuck-on Solar Lights Make Steps Shine

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Spruce up with lights on your mailbox, trees and steps

Spruce up your steps with solar lights.

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Ugh. Concrete stairs – they’re blah-grey and not at all attractive. However, I believe I was able to (eh-hem) step ours up with just one, simple embellishment.

Stuck-on solar lights and exterior tape is all it took to make our entryway more stylish and visible (…for more sprucing up your steps ideas, click in!).

Additionally, our home’s night-time, curb appeal is more noticeable now that we’ve also added solar lights to our mailbox post and big shade tree. Yep, thanks to Mr. Sun, the depth and detail of our front yard is quite shiny!

You make me happy…even when steps are grey.


Hoont Outdoor Stainless Steel LED Solar Step Light – comes in a pack of 4 (cost via amazon is $22.95)

3M Scotch exterior mounting tape (double-sided)

measuring tape


1. Wipe off any dust and/or dirt from your steps’ risers.

Wipe your step riser clean of dust and/or dirt

Wipe your step riser clean of dust and/or dirt.

2. Add double-sided, outdoor tape to the back of your lights. After 50,000 hours, we’ll most likely have to replace the LED bulbs and tape, but that’s a lot of hours for little effort! BTW…you may want to shut off any automatic sprinklers for about 48 hours so that the tackiness of the tape completely cures.

Note: if you have wooden risers, you can simply mount these lights with the included screws.

Adhere exterior double-stick tape to back of light

Adhere exterior double-stick tape to back of light.

Krinkles inspects the progress

Krinkles inspects the progress.

3. Press light onto riser. Either eye-it or use a measuring tape to find the center of your steps.

Krinkles making sure the lights are perfectly centered

Krinkles making sure the lights are perfectly centered.

Hoont Outdoor Solar Step Lights

Hoont outdoor solar step lights.

Enjoy your results!

Solar lights add a "something" more to cement steps

Solar lights add a “something” more to cement steps.

Spruce up with lights!

Spruce up with lights!

Krinkles approves!

Krinkles approves!

UPDATE: After 2 years, our lights still shine brightly…we love them!

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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