There’s something soothing about walking through the grass barefoot. Naturally, though, this activity is usually experienced outdoors. Now, however, with a little DIY savvy and know-how, we can roll in a little of our lawn inside. Today’s fun “Room of the Day” illustrates how the installation of this “greens” ottoman not only adds “run-your-toes-through-the-grass” comfort, it’s also quite a modern and cool decor piece that complements these funky refurbished sofa and chairs. Additionally, the white walls and spacious situating of the adjoining dining room furniture and lighting allows for a breeziness that seems inherently natural to this entire room. Oh, and the bonus? Your dog(s) might just love this “otto” as much as you do.

Photo: Molly Bliss, Pinterest

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly