Today’s quick-tip is about a simple “green” material: eco-friendly bamboo is being used from floors to ceilings.  This trend gives the old saying “The grass is always greener.” a whole new meaning.  After watching an episode of HGTV’s “Carter Can” I learned that bamboo is not just for floors and outdoor natural fences.  Here’s just a short list of how we can integrate this “green” grass into our spaces:

• Floors (natural and laminate bamboo)-durable, beautiful, and inexpensive-prices vary from $2-$8 per s/f depending on its UV coating and/or finishes like hand scraping that requires a greater amount of manual manpower.  See for more detailed information.

Rugs-yes, bamboo rugs are available, very durable and very pleasant to the “feetsies”.

Entertainment Center/custom cabinets-bamboo is not only beautiful, it’s also very strong, long-lasting, and is available in many colors to easily blend with your current woods and accessories.

Benches/chairs-this goes double for custom seating (indoor or out).

• Mantels and Shelves-bamboo plywood (compressed laminate) is a great alternative to other plywoods because of it’s ease of use and unique “look”.

Carpenter and host Carter Oosterhouse specializes in green building and consistently gives tips on how to integrate materials and supplies that are gentle on the environment. When I realized bamboo was a multi-tasking material, I found some interesting facts on that explained why bamboo is a good eco-replacement option to other woods:

• It’s a grass that grows like weed.  According to , “Bamboo’s environmental benefits arise largely out of its ability to grow and spread quickly — in some cases three to four feet per day — without the need for fertilizers, pesticides or much water.”

• It releases 35% more oxygen than similar sized trees.

• It can be replanted and grow within 1-7 years where most trees take up to 50 years to fully mature.

• It helps nourish soil and prevent errosion.

• There are over 1,000 species of bamboo that can grow in diverse environments and climates making it very hardy.

Look into it…bamboo is not just for tropical drinking cups any more.  Cheers!

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