Along with the busyness of everyday schedules, the holidays mean we’re also adding to our plates extra cleaning, shopping, and sprucing up our spaces. Thankfully, Bridget Johnson, professional organizer and spectacular hostess, gives us some fantastic time and money-saving tips on how to “shop from home” when decorating and getting ready for our Thanksgiving guests.

• Tables & Chairs: Look around your home for extra tables and chairs; you might be surprised as to how many are tucked away in corners or closets, behind desks, outdoors, or stored in the garage, attack, or basement.  For kids, playroom tables and chairs, coffee tables (pillows for seating), or the proverbial card table and chairs are perfect for little ones.

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• Linens & Table Runners: Time to look way back in your linen closet, reach for that white table cloth, and turn on the iron. If you don’t have any that would fit the bill, use pens, markers, or crayons to make home-made paper table runners/coverings for both grownups and kids.

• Centerpieces: There are all kinds of items you already have that would make wonderful centerpieces, from glass/ceramic/wood bowls, square/round/hurricane candle holders, baskets, pails…the list goes on. Fill these items with fresh fruits, vegetables, and/or nuts and you’ve got yourself the perfect table feature.

• Place Settings: A fantastic way to celebrate the fall season is to bring the outdoors in.  Nature is always a fail-safe way to adorn plates and napkins and adds a natural scent and beauty that is effortless.

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